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Meet Your Trainer

Hi my name is Eileen 🤗

I am a fitness & nutrition coach located in New Jersey. 


Back in 2019, I was at my all time heaviest weight. I felt uncomfortable, sluggish, and disapointed that I let myself go. My depression and anxiety was at an all time high. I decided to make a lifestyle change. I started exercising 4-5 times a week and my diet completely changed. It was extremely tough but I knew the outcome was going to be worth it. Fast forward to today, my overall goal is to help people achieve the same goal I achieved for myself.


All of the time spent at the gym allowed me to focus on creating a plan that will allow my clients to transform and reach their fitness goals. I offer in person training and online nutrition because I want to be able to impact not only the people near me but people from afar. 


Thru my knowledge in nutrition (gained from numerous college courses) and constant research, I was able to formulate a Healthy Weight Loss and Healthy Weight Gains ebook. I also provide nutrition coaching which has allowed me to create a community out of my clients who are all aiming towards the same goal. 


My overall goal with my clients is not only to help them achieve their goals physically but also mentally. Thru training and eating healthy, my clients will build confidence and mental strength.

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